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When should I replace my car mats?


Cars aren’t an impulse buy or something you purchase for the short term. Cars are huge investments, and part of maintaining your investment means taking care of it – even the smaller details like floor mats.


The importance of car mats can't be undermined; they protect the carpet lining of your vehicle, they give your feet grip during dry or wet weather, and they help complete the look of your vehicle’s interior. However, floor mats, like almost everything else on your vehicle, need to be maintained and occasionally, replaced.


Universal floor mats work well enough but often shift around the car floor more due to poor gripping properties compared with a custom-made mat. With mat movement, comes wear-and-tear. As such, you may have to replace them more often than custom-fitted mats. Nevertheless, replacing floor mats are simply a fact of life either way. How often should you replace your car mats? Read on to find out five tell-tale signs that it’s time to install replacement car mats.

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