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A good portion of our existing customers have requested for a house-friendly version of our unique matting material. Since every house has entrances and spaces with differing shapes and sizes, many off-the-shelves mats do not fit their needs. This is where we come in.

All CCM mats are carefully cut and crafted by hand. As such, we may not be able to accomodate requests that require machine-made measurements at the moment. Drop us a message for more details.


For home door mats, we will recommend using our Basic Drips™, that comes with fibrous strands that help to trap dust and dirt, as well as a non-slip base.

Order a custom-made door with the following steps:


Note the measurements needed for your door mat.


Fill in all the necessary info in the form below.


We will be in contact with you shortly with a quote!

Samples of Past Projects!

Door Mat (2).JPG
Door Mat (3).JPG
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